As the situation relating to COVID-19 continues to evolve the global and African crises have deepened rapidly. As a result we have a nation-wide lockdown.

Your safety is our commitment, and we all have to work to overcome this situation as soon as possible. The important thing about Jaguar is the people behind the brand, and each and every one of us is working with more enthusiasm than ever to live up to such an exceptional and challenging situation.

This nation-wide lockdown will impact business operations at Jaguar Kenya and in turn how it does business with its customers. In spite of the circumstances Jaguar Kenya is determined to service its customers in the best way possible given some obvious challenges.

For the duration of the lock-down:

- Urgent Roadside Assistance services will remain available
- Customers due for scheduled vehicle services will be given a grace period extended to 3,200 km or two months
- The Customer Care Centre will remain available via email at